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Time marking ink stick Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202182D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-07
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A writing instrument is proposed using special ink that contains unique markers labeled with information. Use of this instrument would enable a person to later examine documents written or drawn with the instrument and determine which document was created first. This function can be used for authenticating documents for creation date and time, and even authenticating the author.

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Time marking ink stick

Determining the date that a paper was signed is often crucial in legal cases. Common legal needs to include proving the date of invention, or the signing of a will or contract. Proposed is a writing instrument that can be used to accomplish this. When the instrument is used to draw a line (or write a symbol, such as a word or signature), it lays down a trail indicating the order in which parts of the line are drawn. A preferred embodiment would consist of a pen containing an ink stick (a semi solid) that is used from tip to tail. Embedded in the ink are "taggants" that contain a unique serial number and an ordering digit.

Taggants are very tiny particles that can have identifying information embedded within them. (See Proposed is a taggant with two basic components: a unique serial batch ID that identifies the manufacturer and a production date, and a sequence number that identifies the order in which the taggant was included in the ink stick. When the ink stick is manufactured, the taggants are added to the stick in order, with the lowest sequence number at the tip. For example, the first taggant in the ink stick (near the writing end) could be 3749234-00001, and the last taggant (near the "eraser end") could be 3749234-98791. See attached sketch. When arranged in this fashion, writing or drawing with the ink stick enables several useful features:

If taggant # 3749234-98791 was not embedded in a pen until May 1, 2009, this would be proof that the document co...