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Implant Packaging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202190D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-08
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Packaging designed to hold an implant in the correct orientation so that it acts as a stand for cement to be applied.

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Technical Problem

When observing surgeons using instruments I noticed that the femoral implant was unpackaged then held in the inserter/remover to apply the cement.

When opening the current packaging, 2 x pouches, there is a chance that the implant can be dropped.

When conducting a brief search I have found that implants must be removed from their packaging before cement can be applied.


This packaging design holds the femur by the casting pockets on either side, in the same way as the inserter remover. The packaging should hold the femur tightly enough so it does not come free when in transport and loose enough for it to be removed by the surgeon.

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When the packaging is opened the femur is presented in the correct orientation and acts as a stand for cement to be applied.

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Variations on Features

The way the packaging holds the femur cannot be changed dramatically. The design of the packaging can. The packaging doesn't have to be two parts; it can be one part with folds.

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Detailed Description

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The packaging is designed to be vacuum formed from 1mm PETG. The tool can be produced from aluminium or printed using a 3d printer. The lid is manufactured in the same way. Two cutters will be needed to cut out the shapes after forming.

Each different ML size will need different packagi...