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Self contained Cloud Blade Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202197D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-08
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Disclosed is a novel configuration for a cloud-like network based on a grid comprised of blade chassis with a new central processing unit (CPU) cluster. This provides a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to a fully implemented Cloud infrastructure.

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Self contained Cloud Blade

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) with smaller budgets desiring to implement a Cloud infrastructure are often limited by cost.

The disclosed solution is a chassis and blade configuration which enables a cloud-like network for them; this would increase their overall total cost of ownership (TCO). The method implements a cloud-like structure based on a grid comprised of a blade chassis with a new central processing unit (CPU) cluster configuration.

For the invention, the individual blade is modified. Each blade has a place in the chassis as is currently the case; however, the design incorporates a newly modified CPU configuration versus one CPU for each blade. The advantages are: lower hardware costs, centralized maintenance and upgrades, on-demand processing, smaller footprint, potential power savings, and fewer CPUs.

The configuration of the invention is such that each blade is housed in the chassis, but does not have its own CPU. Instead, the system is comprised of a CPU cluster which consists of four high quality processors. The processors mount to the back of the chassis in a new cluster configuration from which each blade draws the necessary processing power on an on-demand basis. The new CPU cluster is located in the back of the chassis and all blades share its computing power. (Figure)

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