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Method to improve reading of bank data on check via skew analysis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202226D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-10
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Disclosed is a method to improve the reading of data on a document (such as a bank check) by measuring the amount of skew at the document edge at the same time that the characters on the document are being read. A skew factor is then applied to the data gathered from the characters read to clean up the signal.

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Method to improve reading of bank data on check via skew analysis

At a check reading station such as a point of sale (POS) printer a bank check is read into the check transport mechanism. There is a problem with the reading of the document if the check is placed into the mechanism skewed to the sensor that will read the characters on the document. The transport mechanism may impart a skew to the check as it is being read. The data collected by the characters reader (be it an optical reader or a magnetic character reader) is placed orthogonal to the check transport function. So if the characters go by this reader skewed the signal generated by the data will be weak.

The disclosed describes a method to measure the amount of skew in the character read signal by measuring the amount of skew at the edge of the document. The skew is calculated by the known speed of transport of the check and the distance of the check at a time 't' from the edge of the transport system. At the edge of the transport system is placed a sensor such as a linear array sensor that measures the distance of the check edge away from the transport edge. Alternately a second linear array sensor can be placed at a known distance away from the first sensor and both are poled at time 't' to determine the distance of the edge of the check. In the second embodiment the speed of the check through the transport system is not required to calculate the skew. The skew angle is applied to the data signal to...