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Method for POS computer cabinet cooling with cash drawer activation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202231D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-10
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Disclosed is a method to efficiently cool a computer cabinet at a point-of-sale station by harvesting the energy produced by a human interacting with the cash drawer. The cash drawer is connected to an air bladder which inflates and deflates in correlation with the cash drawer actions to gather and release cool air into the computer cabinet.

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Method for POS computer cabinet cooling with cash drawer activation

At a retail point-of-sale (POS) station, the cash register and related computer components generate a high level of heat. This could be problematic for the computer components, as they are in danger of overheating. A system and method are needed to promote the auxiliary cooling of natural convection computer cabinetry.

Disclosed is a method to harvest the energy generated by the human interaction with a POS cash drawer by utilizing the action of the cash drawer to activate a self inflating bladder or bellows that will expunge fresh air into the computer cabinet.

The invention incorporates a bellows-type bladder that self-inflates due to the material's need to return to its original inflated state. The components and process of the disclosed invention include:
1. An inflatable bladder is disposed at the back of a typical POS cash drawer.
2. When the cash drawer is pushed all the way into the machine, either automatically or through human energy, it impinges upon the bladder and deflates it. Opening the cash drawer by spring energy could also inflate/deflate the bellows.

3. An intake end of the bladder opens and is connected via a conduit to the fresh, ambient air outside of the drawer or computer cabinet.

4. A further exhaust end of the bladder is connected via a conduit to the inside of the computer cabinet.

5. The action of opening the cash drawer allows the bladder to inflate from the intake sid...