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Automatic wireless monitors positioning

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202287D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-13
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The article describes proposed solution for automatic (re)configuring of computer video display using multiple display devices. The solution eliminates the need of manual setup after changes in the configuration like changed position/orientation of the display monitor.

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Automatic wireless monitors positioning

It is not uncommon situation when the video output enabled devices - like PC computers for example - are connected to more than one monitors. This situation is particularly common in case of notebooks users, where the typical display of the notebook is too small to provide comfortable environment for long-time work comfort. Typically, the logical desktop displayed by the PC is extended across all monitors:

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The problem arises when the notebook is often moved between work locations, where different display setup exists, or when existing display device is removed/repositioned. The logical continuity of the desktop is broken, as in the picture below:


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Each time the physical configuration changes, it requires appropriate action performed by the user to setup correct screens orientation.

The proposed solution is to make the monitors 'aware' of neighborhood, that is of other display devices in the direct nearest range. Main priority is making the hardware change transparent for the end user, so that he does not have to do anything to get the best results. The following points summarizes the solution:


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Basically the concept is similar to the one known from IP networks, where routing protocols allow easy reconfiguration of the network in case one of network nodes is down, added or moved to other location. The monitors could use wireless tec...