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Packaging Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202299D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-13
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Packaging Method

The following paragraphs are related to a well known method to package some products, such as ready to cook fresh poultry, and specifically fresh whole birds, in a heat shrinkable gas

barrier film using a modified gaseous atmosphere. 

The method comprises forming a tube of the heat shrinkable film, introducing a product such as a fresh whole bird into the tube, flushing the tube with carbon dioxide or a mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen and/or nitrogen, sealing the ends of the tube, and shrinking the heat shrinkable film. The method may also include the step of discharging residual or excess gas in order to facilitate a tight packaging around the contents. The residual gas may be discharged by pressing the film against the poultry before sealing the tube closed and/or by providing a hole in the film prior to shrinking and then quickly sealing the hole with a label or patch after shrinking.  The method provides increased shelf life for packaged whole birds.

The shrinking step is normally carried out in a hot air shrink tunnel, and these tunnels are well known in the art.  The tunnel may have more than one zone and each zone may be set to a different temperature.

It is possible to effect shrinkage of the film in this type of method at temperatures in the range of 130oC. to 200oC.  Depending on the heat shrink characteristics of the film, satisfactory packages may be obtained at temperatures as low as 130oC to save energy.  A more preferred range of tem...