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User Scheduled Update Installer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202300D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-13
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User Scheduled Update Installer

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User Scheduled Update Installer

Installing operating system updates and security patches is time consuming and error prone, most typically being done during the working day, taking up productive time. For the time of the update this renders the machine unusable and the user who depends on the machine unproductive. This is particularly true for laptop users who by nature of the fact they are using a laptop, are dependant on the machine.

    One known solution is the way that update installers notify us of patches we must apply. However we are often given very little in the way of flexibility to determine when this update will be installed. We are forced to apply a patch within a time period when we are using the machine, or add an abstract number of hours and then apply the patch.. This merely allows us to exchange one inconvenient time to update, for another inconvenient time for an update. It does not really solve the problem.

    With the solution disclosed herein, when an update/patch is due for installation, the user of the laptop is notified. The user can then select a specific time within a 24hr period that the patch will be installed (typically this will be when the user is not using the machine, such as in the evening or overnight). The update will be immediately downloaded in the background to the machine and stored for installation later at the specified time. At the specified time, the downloaded patch will be installed.
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