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Crossing the pallet for strapping device

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202314D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-13
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Disclosed is a device for handling and passing the strap trough the pallet by kicking or pushing it

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Crossing the pallet for strapping device

Disclosed is an apparatus for handling and passing a strap through a pallet by a kicking or

pushing operation as depicted in Figure 1. The disclosed apparatus is directed toward packaging,

ackaging all day, typically tire and can sustain back injury due to repetitive

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Passing the strap across the pallet by hand is typically difficult. Operators may have to try many times until the strap protrudes through the other side of the pallet. A simple and small tool that no needs energy to pass the strap does not currently exist. Currently there are examples of sophisticated machines that automatically pass a strap through a pallet, but the machines are very expensive, occupy much space, hard to transport, require maintenance, and do not easily permit use by all operators.

The disclosed apparatus in the form of a strapping device is typically simple to use, requires no electricity, requires little storage space, is easy to manufacture using materials which are easily obtained (

olyurethane). Use of the disclosed apparatus typically reduces cycle time of the

  ackaging process, operator fatigue, is typically cheaper than automatic strapping machines and does not require as much space as automatic machines.

Operation of an illustrative embodiment of the disclosed apparatus is depicted in Figure 2. A strap is inserted through the hole of the apparatus and the apparatus is placed o...