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A System and Method for subliminal focus on content related to upcoming meetings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202365D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-14
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A method to enhance users day-to-day work load by adding subliminal focus to content related to upcoming meetings

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A System and Method for subliminal focus on content related to upcoming meetings

With so much going on in the workplace it is hard to keep track of all your meetings and even harder to keep on top of all the information necessary when entering a meeting. As schedules become busier it gets harder to find the time to prepare for a meeting and this may lead to people at the last minute digging out old emails, searching through documentation and online search engines for content and information on a meeting subject.

    This proposal uses the meeting schedule to subliminally highlight important documentation and weblinks that a person should be aware of in advance of a meeting while browsing the WWW.

    For example a user has a meeting in 2 days and the theme or topic of that meeting is the Quickr WebUI.... Wouldn't it be great if while searching Google or MSN that links to relevant information on this forthcoming meeting would be highlighted so that the user can a) be reminded of the upcoming meeting and b) gain beneficial knowledge on the key theme of the meeting. This helps users to overcome the problem of walking into meetings uneducated and to add subliminal reminders.

    Calendar & Scheduling are collaborated with users desktop to provide a source of knowledge to the user.

    This proposal uses calendar & schedule information to highlight or give greater importance to webpages, documentation etc. that are relevant to upcoming meetings..... for example if a user has 2 upcoming meetings- meeting 1 held by John
and Joe with the subject of cars - meeting 2 held by Peter and Paul on the subject of bicycles.

    The information gathered from the above could include attendants, chairperson, subject, topics, prerequisites….. now when the user goes online to search for information, using the information above this agent/process can subliminally highlight relevant websites and documentation so the individual/group can gain knowledge over a given period leading up to the meeting

    Essentially, an upcoming meeting concerning task1 is impending..... the user
is focused on task2 in the week before the meeting. So the...