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System and Method of Exchanging Files on Instant Messaging with Selective Users in a Group Chat Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202380D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-14
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Disclosed is a system and method to allow a user within a group chat via an instant messaging system to be able to selectively send files or metadata to participants within the group chat.

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System and Method of Exchanging Files on Instant Messaging with Selective Users in a Group Chat

As instant messaging (IM) becomes an increasingly dominant mechanism for daily communication, employees' productivity and network traffic increasingly rely on the effectiveness and ease of use with instant messaging systems.

Often enough, users participate in a group chat through an instant messaging application. When a user wishes to share a screen capture or a file with one or more participants, the shared content is available to everyone in the group (whether or not they would like it to be). Either all users in the group chat receive the file, or no one does. There is no way to select file download recipients from a group of instant messaging participants.

Existing art addresses instant messaging and group chats, but none references selectively sending or receiving files within the group chat.

The disclosed invention provides a method to allow the user to selectively send a file to multiple participants in a group chat.

The implementation process follows:
1. There are multiple participants in a group chat
2. User A needs to send a file to a subset of the users in that group chat
3. User A selects those users from the participants list of the group chat
4. User A sends a file using the file sharing tool in the instant messaging application
5. The system sends the file via Group chat (or automatically initiates individual one-to-one chat if system cannot make this in a g...