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A Method of Tagging Elements under Source Code Control System for Persons Checking In Code Changes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202461D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-16
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A source code control system can function as a repository containing information such as developer experience, project team expertise, and technology used in a project. Such information can be obtained through a system of tagging, by which tags are automatically applied to developers as changes are made to source code in the source code control system. These tags provide a mapping between the technologies employed and the developers employing them. With this mapping, various functions and services such as code reviewer auto-suggestion, technology usage assessment, employee turnover risk assessment, and intranet find-an-expert can be automatically provided.

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A Method of Tagging Elements under Source Code Control System for Persons Checking In Code Changes

In a large and complex software development project that involves many developers creating and modifying code, there is no easy means of performing a survey or analysis of exposure to certain areas of that code base to make educated decisions or summaries. An example, but not limited to, is who are the developers who have experience on a certain system within the product, and to what level are the developers' experience. Over time there can potentially be many developers who have worked on an area of the project from initial development, enhancements and defect fixing. How can the actual experience of these developers in this area be assessed and determined? Other analytics could be posed in relation to developer activity and the nature of the source code involved, such as development language and third-party API (application programming interface) integration.

    This disclosure attempts to present a solution that would provide a means to answer to these types of analytical questions that is centred around the source code control system of the software project.

    This disclosure presents a method by which a person (developer) can be appropriately tagged at the point of checking in (adding or modifying) an element

within a source code control system

, such as, but not limited to, IBM Rational

ClearCase. These tags are predefined by a user and are associated to elements

within the source code control system

                         . They are assigned to, but not limited to, individual files, associated elements, particular folders/directories or file types. The tags that are attached to a person that is a user of the source code control system can be analysed and used as an indicator of that user's experience and/or exposure to elements within the source code control system.

    The source code control system will first need to be initially primed with a set of informative tags to the level of granularity required by the source code control system administrator. It would also be necessary to prime the source code control system users with an initial set of tags for certain characteristics such as programming language to reflect the...