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Method Protecting Unprotected Optical Ribbon Fiber Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202470D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-16
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Disclosed is a method and apparatus for protecting optical ribbon fiber assemblies from damage during applied uses. The disclosure addresses protecting un-jacketed fiber optic ribbons from damage when they are inserted into small spaces and enclosures. There are also applications where optical ribbon will be clamped in organizers. This will require some protection on the ribbons to prevent glass fracture.

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Method Protecting Unprotected Optical Ribbon Fiber


This invention uses a slotted piece of PVC with imbedded kevlar fibers to protect the fibers. The advantages of using this method is the slotted PVC can be customized to the required lengths and cable OD's. It also allows for easier routing of the ribbon around tight bends while affording selective protection where required.

This invention uses the design/method:
§ Slotted Mechanical Device (Figure 1)
§ Contains imbedded kevlar fibers (Figure 2)
§ Adaptable to different cable diameters
§ May be spiral cut for ease of application
§ May be pre-cut pieces (1-2 inches) for selective protection

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Figure 1

Figure 2

Ribbon fiber is placed inside the sleeve surrounded by Kevlar to protect the fiber from damage. (See Figure 3)

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Figure 3


§ A (split) slotted mechanical device for optical fiber protective application
§ Kevlar imbedded to protect from damage
§ Adaptable to various cable OD's and lengths
§ Configurable to multiple cable designs (copper or fiber optics)
§ Addresses a significant problem at much lower implementation cost than currently available alternatives
§ Uses current color coding for Single mode and multimode products
§ Designed for small enclosures where current jacketed fiber is not practical § Can be...