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Comprehensive software for tracking moisture sensitive devices in manufacturing lines. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202477D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-16
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A method and system using a software program for tracking moisture sensitive devices in manufacturing lines is disclosed.

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Comprehensive software for tracking moisture sensitive devices in manufacturing lines .

Disclosed is a method and system for tracking moisture sensitive devices in manufacturing lines using a software program.

Moisture sensitive devices (MSD) are frequently used during assembly of printed circuit boards. Due to the nature of their make up, these devices have to be stored under very dry conditions (typically less than 10% Relative Humidity (RH)). If exposed to normal ambient conditions, MSDs have specified exposure limits. They either have to be sent thru the heat process, or be stored back in controlled environment for future use. Tracking the exposure time on these devices is an exhaustive and complicated task. Only, exposure time in factory environment has to be counted cumulatively. Baking is permitted to make the devices as good as new. In which case, exposure time on these devices must be reset to zero.

Most factories do the tracking manually, using logbooks to record MSD exposures. Logbooks are only as reliable as the people entering data in them.

Also, several logbooks are often necessary to track same device if the device goes from


                                                                 software application providing the automated tracking support should incorporate any corporate manufacturing standards as well as the Industrial Process Control (IPC) standards for moisture sensitive devices. The software application should track the components while they are on the floor, while being stored in protective environment, and after they are baked all the way up to the point of being used up. During tracking the software should keep track of maximum time allowed (this varies according to the sensitivity level of the component and can range from 0 hours (bake before use) to 1 year), time left, etc. More importantly, the software should track individual reels if there are several reels released to manufacturing.

Additional features should include sending emails to key representatives before a particular reel is about to expire

                                                                         . The expiration warning should be at least two days before the actual expiration. This feature eliminates any possibility of inadvertent oversight. Many other key features may be built in to the software to assist operators with the tracking.

Figure 1 has a typical flow providing an example of how the software could work and a specific software program called Sampler:.


SAP transaction

one area to another.

Providing an automated method for tracking the MSDs is an effective method to avoid user errors.

• Typical flow

New products/EUH new MS parts

Release parts Crib (MS parts)

  Enter part and MS level in database

 Automated label Affix to sealed bag

 New products/EUH Build - left over parts

Release parts to mfg.

Bake MS parts, vacuum...