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System and Method to Dynamically Improve Document-Based Text Forms

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202518D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-20
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Disclosed is a system and method to translate document-based electronic form data into more user-friendly document data. The system identifies text-based form elements and transforms them into usable form elements and applies associated properties.

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System and Method to Dynamically Improve Document -Based Text Forms

Often in document-based forms (Figure 1), users enter text into a form which, when printed maintains the look of a form, not updated for electronic use. After a user enters information into an electronic form, the formatting and spacing of the form is often distorted and out of alignment. (Figure 2) This makes processing the form more difficult for the recipient.

Figure 1: Blank form

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Figure 2: Form with user entries

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Regular Expression and Live Text Recognizers in Lotus Symphony/Expeditor

The disclosed solution is a system which identifies text-based form elements, and when identified, transforms the elements into usable form elements and applies associated properties to them.

The advantages or the solution are:
• Less time spent deciphering document forms
• Migrate to more intelligent forms
• Enable business process workflow with document based forms
• Simplified and expected user interface is delivered

The process of the solution in a preferred embodiment follows:
1. User opens a document
2. System scans the document for text elements which commonly represent form elements.

Examples of form elements are:


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• [


], a checkbox






__, a textbox to accept data in the form of 3 Characters

_________ , a textbox to a...