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System For Process Targeted Advertising Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202530D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-21
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Web advertising currently utilises profile based information to target advertising to individual users. The profiling data may include elements such as the target's: age, location, contacts, purchase history, web history, music listening history, web search history. While this is to a degree affective, it does not take in to account what the user is trying to achieve. This invention describes a system for targeting advertising based on the process a user is completing rather than any combination of static profile information.

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System For Process Targeted Advertising

The system takes advantage of an application to help users manage complicated social workflows. For example,

when you buy a house there are a set of steps that

need to be performed with lots of different parties involved. The application simplifies the steps in this task to only show users "What's Next". It also allows other parties to interact with the process to state where they are up to with their part of the task.

    Such workflows are not currently utilised to inform advertising campaigns. Further, current methods do not take into account what a user is actually trying to do. For example, searching for "bricks"

will provide advertising about where

to buy bricks from without actually knowing what task the user is trying to perform,

which limits how targeted the adverts can be

    In the disclosed invention, process management software will be used to target advertising more effectively. For example,

when completing an extension to a

house, users will be prompted with the types of material that could be appropriate during their process.

    Importantly, however, the adverts will only appear when the user is at the correct stage of the process. Further, the advert can be targeted on what the user is trying to achieve, not just the particular step in the process of achieving that step. For example, if the user is searching for a solicitor as part of the process of buying a house, the adverts could be targeted to show solicitors wit...