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System and Method for Profile Switching Based on Proximity of Social Network

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202754D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-28
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Disclosed is a system which operates on a mobile device to automatically update user profiles and device settings based on the proximity of identified social networks.

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System and Method for Profile Switching Based on Proximity of Social Network

There is a growing need for the customization of mobile devices, whether for security reasons or personal preferences. A user can have a number of different profiles, or groups of settings, related to security, alerts, and privacy, amongst others. As the number of people using mobile devices increases, a user may need to update these profiles based upon the other mobile device users in close proximity; however, the user must determine when a profile needs to be updated due to the proximity of another mobile device, and then manually update the relevant profiles. This is inefficient for the user.

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The disclosed solution is a way for the mobile device to automatically initiate profile changes for the user. The system determines to whom the user is in close proximity, based upon the user's social network, and appropriately applies a predetermined set of preferences to update different profiles and/or settings on their mobile device.

The components of the system include:
1. The ability of the system to establish a set of profiles or groups of settings that can be enabled or disabled.

2. The ability of the software running on the mobile device to associate itself with a social network.

3. Within the social network described above, the ability of the user of the device to create different groups of people within the social network.

4. The ability of the system to associate the different groups of settings or profiles described above to the groups of people...