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Improved 3D virtual environment utilizing saved diachronic state representation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202761D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-29
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This disclosure describes a mechanism for improving 3D virtual environments by retaining state information for future use in search, reply, data mining and similar activities.

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Improved 3D virtual environment utilizing saved diachronic state representation

Text-only "chat" systems typically preserve the contents of
textual communication, at least optionally, for later searching
or reading. Modern three-dimensional virtual environments
("virtual universes" such as There and Second Life) offer much
higher-bandwidth and immersive environments that include not only
textual communication but also rich lifelike surroundings,
objects, buildings, ground, sky, plants, more or less
human-appearing "avatars" representing the communicants, and so
on. But because this additional state information is not
generally saved in any significant form, it cannot later be used
for search, replay, data mining, or other useful purposes.

We disclose a system which retains the state information of an
immersive environment (including its text) for later use in
search, replay, data mining and related applications.

The invention provides the benefit of allowing users to recall,
replay or repurpose the saved state history.

The invention makes it possible to:
• Recover contexts of past events, eg. Return to the point
when an object was last edited and see the context in which it
was built.
• Locate the time and place where multiple avatars last
• Mine data
o Identify the first use of a given object, based on its

o Identify the presence of an avatar or set of avatars

within a specific context or discussion.


The disclosed three-dimensional virtual environment comprises a
representation mechanism that holds the state of the virtual
environment at a particular instant in (virtual) time and a range
of places in (virtual) space, a represen...