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Project Environment Management Solution of Application Servers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202771D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-31

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The solution enables automatic integrated configuration and management all the environments of the project through a uniform UI software tool. It features a simple, convenient, automatic software tool for environment configuration and management. It provides an one-click configuration function to configure all the application server environment.

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Project Environment Management Solution of Application Servers

In most current process of project development,

we use many servers to build the environment

, e.g. application server, Database,

Files System, SCM.

Application server

requires many configurations, e.g. JAAS,

Variables, JDBC Data Source, Dynamic Cache, Service

Integrated Bus, JMS, Email Adapter, JDBC Adapter, FTP Adapter, Cluster and install/uninstall applications.

And different projects require

different configuration.

As for files system configuration

, users need to set up different file structures in different files systems. Database is

very important data storage, and users will perform many different operations on it. SCM is the system for storing project sources. Users

need to get sources from it, and then build it.

All users

, including developers, testers, and deployers, need to configure all these


which is very important, but also complex and time-consuming. Figure 1-1 shows the environment architecture. Besides,

during project development, application servermay require many complex configurations as shown in figure 1-2.


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Figure 1-1 The environment architecture: all users need to perform manual configuration on various servers


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Figure 1-2 The configuration architecture of application server: all users need to perform manual configuration on various application server


In such cases, a common solution is as follows: first we ask some expert who are very familiar with all the environment setup to write a

guide on how to build the environments; second users are referred to this guide as they need to build the environments. This solution has

many drawbacks:


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1. It is very time-consuming and difficult for developers, testers and deployers to understand and build various environments, because most of

them are not experts and unfamiliar with the environments.
2. The guide needs to be updated when the environments are modified.

time and resources.
3. It is also required that the environments be rebuilt when they have some problems.
4. Because users have to configure the environments through step-by-step manual operations on different servers, it is common for them to

make several configuration mistakes or neglections,

which will significantly affect their work.

Based on these observations, it is valuable to have a software tool which provides an integrated solution for configuring and managing the

environments automatically. The software tool should be simple and convenient to use, save users' time and provide users a uniform method

to configure and manage application server, Database, Files System, SCM and other servers. It is necessary that after the user configures it

once, s/he can set up and use it on any computers.

which will be very convenient and highly efficient for the user

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