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A System to Provide Debugging-as-a-Service in the Cloud Using Record-Replay Techniques Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202900D
Publication Date: 2011-Jan-08
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Disclosed is a novel method for determining the root cause and diagnosing application failures by offering record-replay functionality through a cloud service. When a failure is recorded, the developer can directly examine and interact live with the application's internals at the time of its failure through a familiar debugging interface.

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A System to Provide Debugging-as-a-Service in the Cloud Using Record-Replay Techniques

Minimizing application downtime is a common objective for business operations, yet problem determination remains a time-consuming process. Existing data capture and logging tools are ineffective and raise privacy concerns.

The disclosed invention provides a record-replay based solution to quickly diagnose application failures. The solution can be offered as a cloud service. Cloud is an excellent substrate to offer Debugging-as-a-Service. It overcomes the drawbacks and challenges that have previously prevented the use of existing techniques. The solution is to compose an effective cloud-based problem-determination solution through a unique combination of technologies, such as record-replay, checkpointing, and virtual appliances.

The invention is a two-piece solution in a preferred embodiment:
1. Capture the failure while application runs in the cloud.

Application failures that occur in the cloud are captured into a small log by an appliance with integrated capture functionality. The log allows the failure to be securely played back by the developer within an appliance similar to logic analyzers used by hardware engineers, without having to acquire specific hardware, replicate the source environment, install the application etc. Details of this step include:
a. Monitoring and recording functionality (Transplay) is embedded into select appliances in the image catalog

b. User can ch...