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Handling of obsolete color profiles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000203017D
Publication Date: 2011-Jan-14
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Disclosed is a technique for handling obsolete color profiles that are provided as part of the controller for a digital printer.

Background / Description of problem

A manufacturer of a digital printer controller would typically provide a number of color profiles as part of the overall product. A customer purchasing a controller would typically configure their system so as to use one or more of these color profiles. Additionally, the customer would periodically create backups of the system’s configuration. These backups would contain references to all color profiles that were in use on the system at the time the backup was created.

Over time, the controller manufacturer will create new releases of the controller product. These newer releases will contain new color profiles which are intended to replace and make obsolete color profiles provided in previous releases of the controller product. The manufacturer will want customers to migrate to the newer color profiles and will want to discourage customers from selecting obsolete profiles for use (i.e. at the controller GUI). However, the manufacturer cannot outright delete obsolete profiles from the system, as references to the obsolete profiles may exist in customer-created backups. Should the customer restore a backup to the system, the system must be able to make available all obsolete profiles referenced by the backup. Restoring a backup which references a nonexistent profile would result in an invalid system configuration and would lead to incorrect system behavior and possible system failure.

Technique for Handling Obsolete Color Profiles

1)    Typically, all color profiles reside in single “root” profiles directory: 

a)    There are various ‘grouping’ subdirectories directly under the root directory. This allows for grouping of the profiles, e.g. a directory to hold profiles for the RGB color model, another one for the CMYK color model, etc.:

b)    Under each grouping subdirectory we create an /obsolete directory:

2)    Whenever the manufacturer creates a new release of the controller software that obsoletes a previously-released profile, the new release packages the obsolete profile in the appropriate .../obsolete directory. In this example, the new release of the...