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Auto-assignment of Business Terms to IT assets employing data lineage to establish common semantics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000203060D
Publication Date: 2011-Jan-17
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Many organizations have a major communications gap between
business teams and the IT organization. Differences in
understanding result in inaccurate information delivery, loss
of productivity, and misinformed business decisions. The
creation of a common business language helps to bridge this
gap, yielding significant business benefits such as: increased
trust in enterprise data, faster information delivery and
wider, deeper understanding of common business concepts and
data elements.

          The InfoSphere Business Glossary enables users to
author and administer their organization's Business Glossary
and to use Business Terms and Categories to describe and
classify the IT assets that are most important to the
business. While the links created between business terms and
IT assets helps to solidify the connection between business
concepts and the data sources used for them, creating these
links is a time-consuming manual process. It requires
cooperation between technical staff who understand the IT
asset and Glossary staff who understand the structure and
meaning of the Business Glossary. The links are usually
created on a one by one manual basis. This means that although
the business benefit is great, in many cases the effort
involved is a barrier to realizing the benefit.

          In the diagram below, data is flowing from a
database column (far left) through to a field in a Business
Intelligence report. The database column has been assigned to
the business term "Last Name",...