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Precision Passive Device Fabrication With Optimized Wiring

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000203114D
Publication Date: 2011-Jan-19
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Disclosed is a technique for improving the tolerance of passive devices in Radio Frequency/Analog circuits. The method invention involves the addition of tuning the passive device, testing at a lower metal wiring level, and choosing a different wiring mask for device compensation.

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Precision Passive Device Fabrication With Optimized Wiring

Precision Passive Device Fabrication With Optimized WiringPrecision Passive Device Fabrication With Optimized Wiring

Passive devices such as Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) capacitors and resistors are integral parts of Radio Frequency (RF)/Analog circuits. They perform critical functions such as resonance frequency tuning and precision analog to digital conversion. The tolerance of these devices is important to circuit designers; tighter tolerance can lead to smaller circuitry and less complex designs. Unfortunately, the precision on-chip devices are difficult to manufacture due to process and tool capability limitations. As a result, additional techniques for tolerance improvement are desired.

The disclosed invention involvesmeasuring a value of a parameter of a device, and, based on the measured value, selectively adding small tuning devices to adjust the value of the device parameter to be at or closer to a target value for the device parameter.

For example, the capacitance of a MIM capacitor is measured at M2 testing. If the capacitance is significantly lower than the targeted capacitance value, then a first M3 mask is used such that a first plurality of tuning capacitors is wired in parallel with the MIM capacitor. If the capacitance is slightly lower than the targeted value, then a second M3 mask different than the first M3 mask is used such that a second plurality of tuning capacitors different than...