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ESD / Ferromagnetic table top

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000203569D
Publication Date: 2011-Jan-28
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Disclosed is an ESD safe table top with ferromagnetic material underneath it's top layer

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ESD / Ferromagnetic table top

Disclosed is an article comprising of a multi-layer tabletop that is electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe in combination with a ferromagnetic material. The disclosed article forms a motorized workbench enabling up/down movement as well as a capability to tilt forward to a predetermined angle.

In one example, a manufacturing process involving manual assembly requires a workstation meeting criteria including provision of an ergonomically safe environment, an ESD safe environment, enabling a sequence of actions, some with the table top horizontal, some with the table top tilted between 45 to 60 degrees while enabling the fixturing to remain in place when the table top is tilted and providing flexibility in a fixturing location on the tabletop.

ESD safe tabletops are available on the market and boards that attract magnets are sold in toy stores for children. The disclosed article combines the two ideas into a tabletop that is motorized to form a workbench with a capability to move up/down and tilt forward at a configurable angle.

Figure 1 depicts one embodiment of the disclosed article comprising a multi-layer tabletop. With reference to Figure 2, a ferromagnetic material is placed on a pressed wood core, which is in turn covered with a final, dissipative (ESD) laminate. The complete surface of the tabletop is built following this scheme with the exception of an opening that receives a working board. On the fixturing side, all fixturing a...