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Lost Mobile Device Detection System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000203811D
Publication Date: 2011-Feb-02
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Disclosed is a novel, voice-based application which allows a user to locate their cellular phone by speaking a phrase to which the device responds with a programmed audio alert. Any device with a microphone and speakers can use this invention.

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Lost Mobile Device Detection System

When a user misplaces their cellular phone, the most common method for locating it again is to call the lost phone's number and listen for a ring (hoping the battery is still live and assuming another phone is available). Then, if it rings too long with no answer, the voicemail will answer and the user needs to hang up and dial again. In many cases, the phone is set to vibrate and can hardly be heard from a distance. This is an ineffective method.

Relevant prior art addresses methods for locating a cellular phone using alternate services, applications, or devices. None use the voice-based approach disclosed here.

Disclosed is a voice detection system that responds with a programmable alert to the phone owner's voice.

In the preferred embodiment, the owner of the phone assigns a keyword or phrase (i.e., "Lost Phrase") that they use in the event that the mobile device is lost. When they call out the phrase, if the phone is in range and the person saying the phrases matches the voice profile of the owner, then the phone plays the programmed alert in response. For example, if the phone is lost, the owner can call out "Marco!" and the phone can reply with the programmed alert responds, "Polo!"

The device can be configured to listen for the Lost Phrase after a programmable amount of idle time to prevent the alert from being falsely triggered by the owner during everyday conversation.

In the event that the phone is set to vibrate, th...