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Tool Cabinet Automated Serial Number Tracking System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000203824D
Publication Date: 2011-Feb-03
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The invention provides for the automated tracking of the serial number of each tool being put into the process by the specific assembly line, process, and joint to which the tool is being deployed. The serial number may be entered into the operator interface of the tool storage lockers from which the tool is dispensed, or the serial number may be automatically determined based upon the tool locker that the tool is taken from (see Fig 1).

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Title of Invention 


Tool cabinet automated serial number tracking system   Description of Invention 


    The invention provides for the automated tracking of the serial number of  each tool being put into the process by the specific assembly line, process, and joint  to which the tool is being deployed.  The serial number may be entered into the  operator interface of the tool storage lockers from which the tool is dispensed, or  the serial number may be automatically determined based upon the tool locker that  the tool is taken from (see Fig 1).   Unique Features 

1. The tool cabinet tracking system tracks the serial number of each tool  dispensed in addition to the part number of the tool, and the location to  which the tool is deployed. 



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Figure 1 

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