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Audible indication combined with electronic Wake up switch function for Watertight body Disclosure Number: IPCOM000203836D
Publication Date: 2011-Feb-04
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A user interface requirement for a washable hair clipper might be to make the display visible in aim to adjust the comb length, before the device motor is on. Similar requirements were solved in the past, but only for non-washable devices.

In water tight devices, it is highly important to reduce the number of moving parts going in and out. Therefore we had to make a clear water-tight partition between the electronic system (placed inside the water-tight body) and the comb setting system (external to basic body).

From tolerances and volume point of view it has high advantage to keep direct connection, with minimum parts involved between the outside to inside of the water-tight body.

After searching and testing existing solutions, that already used in appliances, the outcome conclusion was that they are all feasible only for Non-Washable devices.

That mechanical direct and "dry" solution provides feasible mechanical solutions for water tight appliances.

1. By using the membrane's and switch's elastic properties we gain water tightness, cost reduction (reduction number of parts), simple solution.

2. The first mechanical water tight solution known to activate the electronic system by rotating a zoom wheel.

This innovation combines four elements:
1. Detection switch
2. Arret pin
3. 2K flexible membrane (similar as use in shavers and grooming appliances).
4. Wire spring. (optional)

The 2K membrane functions as a watertight separation between the inside of th...