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SHIELDED CONNECTOR Disclosure Number: IPCOM000203915D
Publication Date: 2011-Feb-09

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Lange Ludwig: INVENTOR [+5]


An improved modular connector assembly (1) provides coaxial shielding for plural conductors (9) with a corrugated shield (15) between adjacent conductor modules (5). Fig. 2

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Shielded connector

The present disclosure relates to the field of
connectors, in particular shielded electrical connectors, more
in particular shielded electrical connectors.

In the field of electrical connectors there is an
ongoing pursuit to increased signal frequencies and reduced
connector sizes. These developments lead to increased problems
of cross talk noise between (signals transmitted through)


neighbouring conductors. For particular frequencies and/or
signalling systems, protocols have been developed by which cross
talk noise may be reduced effectively, e.g. differential
signalling along dedicated adjacent differential signal pairs.
However, such systems and protocols may be at the cost of


reduced flexibility and/or performance of the connector in other
conditions, hindering both manufacturers and customers.
Developing and manufacturing plural types of connectors, each
dedicated to particular (sets of) requirements for predetermined
signalling systems and protocols leads to losses in delivery


time and resources.

        As a consequence there is a strong demand for an
improved connector reducing one or more of these problems.


In view of the above, an aspect of the present
disclosure is a connector assembly according to claim 1 is
provided. The connector assembly is substantially modular which
facilitates dedicated manufacturing processes for the
constituent parts such as the first or second conductor modules


and which allows testing of constituent parts prior to final
assembly of the connector assembly; this reduces total failures.
Further significant improvements are achieved by providing the
conductor modules as interleaving structures with a shield

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arranged in between the interleaved portions and undulating
about these such that adjacent conductors are partially
surrounded by the shield. Namely, the adjacent first and second
conductors are effectively shielded from each other by the
shield, strongly reducing cross talk noise. Such shielding


occurs in directions of substantially each side where the shield
surrounds the conductor; in the presently provided connector
assembly the shielding is between adjacent first and second
conductors of the adjacent conductor modules as well as between
mutually adjacent first conductors and second conductors,

respectively, within one conductor module. Thus, cross talk
risks are significantly reduced. The shield being a corrugated
shield extends substantially continuously between the first and
second conductor modules which prevents leaks in the shield due
to apertures in the shield and it further facilitates


manufacturing of the connector, in particular by facilitating
optimising manufacturing of individual parts and assembly of the
parts. A substantially continuous shield also increases voltage
homogeneity across the shield, compared to plural partial
shields, improving defining a signal voltage on a conductor with

respect to a reference voltage on the shie...