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Publication Date: 2011-Feb-11
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Andrew Grabher: INVENTOR [+4]


An actively cooled exhaust component shield reduces surface temperatures of the shield.

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Field of the Invention

            The present disclosure relates to an actively cooled exhaust component shield that reduces surface temperatures of the shield.

Detailed Description of the Drawings

            Referring to the Figures 1, 2 and 3, an exhaust pipe 10 has a first portion 12 which projects laterally from a rear end of a tractor hood 14.  The first portion 12 bends upwardly and is connected to a vertically oriented muffler 16 and to an exhaust pipe 18.  A conventional cooling fan (not shown) is positioned near a front end of the hood 14.

            The first portion is surrounded by a shield 20 made out of sheet metal.  The shield 20 has an upstream end 22 which engages the first portion 12 and a downstream end 24 which engages a lower end of the muffler 16.  The shield 20 has hollow bodies 25 and 26 which extends between the upstream and downstream ends.  The bodies 25 and 26 surround and are spaced apart from first portion 12.  A plurality of vents 28 are formed near the upstream end 22, and a plurality of vents 30 are formed in the downstream end 24.

            The shield 20 is then actively cooled by using forced convection from the engine fan (not shown).  Air enters the shield 20 underneath the hood through the vents 28, flows through the entire shield 20, and exits through vents 30 at the downstream end 24 of the shield 20.

            The result is a...