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Universal Lightpath Error/Fault Indicator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000204398D
Publication Date: 2011-Feb-23
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The disclosure is to leverage existing Baseboard Memory Control (BMC) and USB functions in a system to implement a USB-interface device that provides a portable Lightpath indicator for systems having the BMC and USB as a common building block design. This will effectively eliminate the need for implement the error indicator function on the main system board which is not only a cost saving, also yields more board space for other functions.

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Universal Lightpath Error/Fault Indicator

Currently servers with the LED error Indicator design are either embedded on the planar LEDs, or integrated on a front-mounted panel.

These design approach not only consume valuable board space, also adding cost to the product, hence the idea to create one
Portable Universal LED/LCD device with USB interface as Lightpath error/fault indicator. Systems with interface that supports the
Portable Universal LED/LCD device will benefit from:
· Bill of Material (BOM) Saving.
· Create more board space for other functions.
· Maintain service function for field personnel.

The support circuit requires system to provide sufficient standby power source to the USB interface when the system power is off.

In general, the disclosure applies to all industrial IT product with built-in USB function, and error indicator is needed.

Following sample diagram illustrates the interface between the main system board and the Portable Universal LightPath device and usage
of the device:


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Universal Lightpath Error/Fault Indicator

Block Diagram

iBMC SH7757

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2nd & 3rd Level Error LEDs

Bling-Bling LightPath


Universal LightPath Error/Fault Indicator

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USB 2.0

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USB fw + Decoder

USB fw + Decoder