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A method to detect if the mobile device end user's is left- or right- handed Disclosure Number: IPCOM000204446D
Publication Date: 2011-Feb-25
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This article covers the generic approach for detecting both the left- and right- handed users of the mobile devices. The detection is based on the already provided out of the box mobile devices equipment like digital camera, accelerometers or touch screens. With the help of the software designed for these devices the detection results are used to adapt mobile user interface to the user.

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A method to detect if the mobile device end user 's is left- or right- handed

The information of the end user,i.e. whether he/she is left- or right- handed may be important for the Mobile Operating System or any of the applications running inside as it can influence the GUI rendered on the mobile device screen. For instance, the GUI may be automatically altered (with repositioning GUI widgets on the screen) to better adjust left-handed users, i.e. to put the most commonly used controls closer to the bottom-left edge on the screen versus the bottom-right position.

The idea here is to provide a combination of the hardware capabilities and a software analyzing the data for detecting the end user's right- or left- enablement. Once the preference is detected, it can be stored globally inside the mobile device so that both the Operating System and the applications may read the saved settings and use it in the run time, e.g. by repositioning the GUI controls, but this is not the only potential use.

The mobile devices todays are usually equipped with digital camera
touch screens

and the data gathered by these can be correlated together to detect the device movement/gestures which are typical for the right-handed users but not for the left-handed users. Having this differentiation, the technology detects both the right-handed and left-handed users and save this preference so that is can be exploited by the other mobile device components, like Operating Syste...