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Washing basket for epilator head

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000204539D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-02
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Title: Washing basket for epilator head

This invention relates to a washing device for cleaning the epilator head of an epilator device. Such an epilator head in particular comprises an array of rotatable clamping members, particularly in the form of discs, between which human hairs can be clamped and by means of which clamped hairs can be extracted from skin by joint rotation of the clamping members.

During use, the epilator head is polluted by hairs and skin debris, and such pollution is very difficult to remove. The washing device according to this invention is a very simple, low-cost device that provides a very effective cleaning of the epilator head.

The washing device comprises a basket wherein the epilator head can be arranged by opening and closing of the basket. The basket narrowly surrounds the epilator head, and is intended to be used in a laundry washing machine. In this way, the epilator head is cleaned together with the laundry.

When arranged properly in the basket, a driving gear wheel of the epilator head is in engagement with a gear wheel of the basket. The basket is provided with an externally protruding pushing member that will be periodically pushed by the surrounding laundry during the washing process in the laundry washing machine. The pushing member is coupled to the gear wheel of the basket via a suitable transmission means, so that the gear wheel is driven by the pushing member and will drive the driving gear wheel of the epilator head....