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Profiled music background matched to the e-book Disclosure Number: IPCOM000204561D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-03
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One likes to have a music background while reading an e-book and moreover the music must meet reader’s preferences. Let's assume that on a device designed for reading e-books there is available music library. The music library and e-books collection are described with tags. The device is capable of storing reader’s profile. Combining this information, the device provides a music background for the e-book suiting best to the user. Disclosed is a solution for a music background profiled and matched to the e-book.

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Profiled music background matched to the e -book


A device used to read an e-book is capable of playing music from a music library. The music library is a set of music themes stored in internal or external memory. A music theme is either one song or an album, both can be looped. Each music theme is tagged with number of tags describing its content. Implementation note: the

potential sources of tags are:

ISBN number matched with an on-line database

      , author, library, bookshop tags a book tags deducted from text of the book user-defined tags

The device is also capable of storing a reader's profile. The reader's profile is a number of tags describing reader's music preferences. Also, each e-book is marked with a set of tags describing its content. In order to provide music background, the device performs two-phase matching between e-book, reader's profile and music library. The matching is done on level of tags.

Two-phase matching:
st phase: matching the music library with the reader's profile
The device picks music themes from the music library which suit best to the currently logged reader. It's done by choosing music themes with tags exactly the same as the reader defined. The resulting collection of music themes is called profiled music library.

2nd phase: matching profiled music library with the e-book

The profiled music library is matched to the e-book. Only one music theme is selected in this step. The matching is performed using tags of the e-book a...