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Catheter With Input Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000204594D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-05
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Disclosed is a device for providing paralyzed patients with an alternate communication method. The device is attached to an existing catheter and responds to the voluntary contraction and relaxation of the sphincter muscle, conveying input to communications applications on a computer.

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Catheter With Input Device

People suffering from some conditions, including Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (

are often considered totally paralyzed; however, oculomotor bladder and bowel muscles remain functional. Current communications devices require complicated ocular sensors or require some minimal movement of spared muscles (e.g., finger movement).

The disclosed invention provides another communications method for people who have few.

People suffering from ALS are usually catheterized, because it is difficult and impractical to constantly physically move a paralyzed person to use a bathroom. By adding an input device to the catheter (

which is already there for convenience), there is

less interference introduced to the person's life. People who retain bladder function (and therefore external urethral sphincter muscle control) can use their external urethral sphincter muscle as a method of communication with hardware and software. Since they have full external urinary sphincter muscle control, they can better control their communications input.

This invention applies to a Foley (balloon) catheter.

with a balloon at the tip which is inflated inside the bladder to keep the catheter in

place. The balloon sits right above the internal urethral sphincter muscle. The wire from the input device sensor runs through the inflation lumen (the channel used to inflate the balloon), or it can be embedded in a custom lumen or the catheter latex. The input device sensor can...