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Idea of generating generic Dojo Ajax Calls and responses for Request, response, callback and error handling

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000204636D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-07
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Disclosed is the idea of generating Dojo Ajax Calls automatically for Web 2.0 based projects via the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Rational Application Developer for Web2.0 Dojo.

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Idea of generating generic Dojo Ajax Calls and responses for Request , response, callback and error handling

This invention is mainly for the core idea to provide method and means for generating various generic Dojo Ajax Calls which could take
parameters, in a utility JavaScript* source file, that could be reused across Web Based Dojo applications in Rational Application Developer**.

The idea also extends to generating this code as part of Project Creation and additionally providing means of generating it after project
creation, and customizing the calls.

The invention comprises of 3 parts :

1) Part 1 comprises of providing the user interface option in Rational Application Developer for user to select if Dojo Ajax Calls needs to be generated in a Generic JavaScript utility file as part of Web2.0 Dojo based JavaScript project creation. This applies for both Static and Dynamic Web Projects.

2) Part 2 consists of providing additional User interface Wizard screens to select various Dojo Ajax calls and customization of the options,
name of the JavaScript Utility file etc if the user chooses to do so. This also applies for providing means for changing the options at a
later time after project creation.

3) Part 3 is to provide Java*** code which would generate the Utility Java Script file with the Generic Dojo Ajax Calls based on options
selected by the user which would be included in every web page that is created by the user from that point onwards. In addition for any