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++Multimodal interaction with interactive voice response services Disclosure Number: IPCOM000204904D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-11
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This disclosure proposes the ability to provide multimodal interaction with interactive voice response services.

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++Multimodal interaction with interactive voice response services

Interactive voice response services prompt callers so the callers can select from a menu to get the information they need or directed to the best service representative to handle this request. The voice prompt does have it's limitations with regards to the ability to quickly navigate the menus. If a user misses a certain selection, especially if they are in a noisy environment, then many times they have to listen to all the menu options again. With the advent of smart phones and VOIP, the ability to provide different input method is possible.

This invention proposes the ability to provide multi-modal interaction with interactive voice response services. Specifically, the user will be able to receive and select from the voice prompt and text prompt on a smart phone. There are many users who would benefit from the multi-modal input options such as English as a second language users and users who may be handicapped by situational environment.

Essentially an on-demand phone application integration with the interactive voice response services. The users dial into the voice response services via their smart phone. The users are prompted for the multi-modal option and the mobile text chat interface would be activated. Similar to the live chat now for customer help on websites. The user would be able to listen or read the menu option through the phone display and make the selections by pressing keys or sp...