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Storm Drain Hydro-Electric Generators Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205113D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-15
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The disclosed invention is for storm drain hydro-electric generators which harness the power of the excess water flow during rainstorms to create energy. This is especially helpful when large storms cause power-outages. Whenever water flows from a higher level of elevation to a lower one energy can be harnessed. Water during rain storms runs off the streets into storm drains which are lower than the streets. Turbines could be used where the water is going from a higher level to a lower level to capture this energy as a new source of hydro electric power.

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Storm Drain Hydro-Electric Generators

The problems addressed by this invention are:

1. The need for more renewable sources of electricity

2. Electric grids can fail during thunderstorms due to lighting strikes

During rainstorms, large streams of water flow from streets and down storm drains. The invention is to harness the energy from the falling water to turn a generator and create energy. If a power grid is down due to lightning, this small generator serves as a back-up source of electricity until the grid is restored.

The turbine is installed underneath the street or wherever there is a culvert for drainage. The turbine turns when excessive rainwater is present and flowing into the culvert from the street. The power from the turbine turns a driveshaft,

which then powers the

generator and produces electric power.

This is a unique placement of a turbine powered generator with a new source of water power.

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