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Using Tooltips as 3rd Edge on Crosstabs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205118D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-15
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This disclosure proposes to provide an attribute on each edge of crosstabs that allows the author to easily decluter it without altering any of the data in it by just setting the edge as a tooltip. thus the author would layout a crosstab as he normally does and then he would set an attribute for the data that is nice to have but which he does not want to crowd the crosstab with.

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Using Tooltips as 3rd Edge on Crosstabs

Disclosed is a process providing a capability of adding an additional virtual edge to a crosstab that is easily accessible. Using an embodiment of the disclosed process enables treatment of tooltips of cells of the crosstab as a 3rd edge of the crosstab, as an optional compromise solution available to an author solving a problem of constrained real estate on the crosstab.

In certain cases crosstabs become too large, exceeding limits of a viewable area of a page in horizontal, vertical or both directions. Typically a report author resolves the problem by using a smaller set of data. While that data could remain reachable,


                                     ossibly through report drills, the data is not as conveniently accessible, requires a shift of focus and introduces delays.

Tooltip Edge

Figure 1

Typical current solutions1 use tooltips to display parts of a hidden layer, through dynamic crosstabs. In contrast embodiments of the disclosed process comprise values on the tooltip constituting a set of values from multiple layers, one value from each layer corresponding to a member of the data edge on the tooltip, that is one complete column from a data cube. Tooltips in the disclosed process are treated as a virtual edge of the crosstab. An author has a capability to set dataItem(s) as a crosstab tooltip edge. The tooltip edge can be evaluated as a list populated by the selected dataItems constituting the edge and the current measure all filtered by the context of the cell.

Figure 2

      resents a sample over crowded crosstab, with which the viewer needs to scroll left and right to see the content while the overcrowding does not provide a very easy to grasp state of the data. In...