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Near Field Communication on Printers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205138D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-16
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    Mobile devices are becoming increasingly capable in terms of their functionality. Many mobile devices feature near-field communication modes such as Bluetooth® or RFID. Disclosed herein is a method of using near-field communication (NFC) to control or operate a device such as a printer.

    Adding an NFC option to a desktop, card, kiosk, or mobile printer may enable a user to operate the printer from the mobile device. A user may "swipe" their mobile device proximate an NFC reader of a printer and the printer may print what is commanded by the mobile device.

    Near Field Communication is an interface technology that enables various different communication modes. NFC was developed to integrate contact less technology into consumer devices. Communication modes include: Read/Write mode - communicating to an external smart card or tag; and Card emulation mode - e.g., mobile phone emulating a contactless smart card functionality. Card emulation mode may be used for mobile payment, ticketing, service discovery, and access control among other uses.

    For example, a mobile device user may use an online check-in service to check-in for a flight. The mobile device may receive confirmation of the check-in, but the confirmation is only available to the user digitally on the device. The user may take the phone to an NFC enabled printer, such as a ticketing kiosk printer in an airport, and swipe their mobile device by the NFC reader of the printe...