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Media Sensor and Media Supply Indicator; RFID Label Detector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205143D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-16
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Media Sensor and Media Supply Indicator; RFID Label Detector

    Identifying media within a printer or media processing apparatus is important in order for the printer or processing apparatus to use the proper settings to process the media. For example, thermal media for a thermal printer may require a particular temperature profile or maximum processing speed to optimize imaging on the media. If the thermal printer is able to identify the media, the printer may then be able to apply the appropriate settings for the media.

    Proposed herein is a media identification/detection apparatus and method for use in media printing and processing devices. An optical image recognition sensor may be used to detect identifying indicia on the media to:
(1) identify the media and adjust processing or printing settings for optimum performance;

(2) function as a media sensor to detect the position of each media substrate;

(3) track the quantity of processed media or the quantity of media remaining in a supply of media, such as a roll; and

(4) increase printer throughput by identifying "bad" labels (e.g., defective RFID tags) and precluding processing of the bad labels.

    An optical image recognition sensor may be disposed in the media path of a media processing apparatus. The media supply, for example, a roll of labels on a label liner substrate, may include a mark indicating the leading edge of a label and an identification of the number of labels remaining in the roll. The number of remaining labels may help a user determine when there is insufficient supply to complete a particular print or processing request or indicate to a user when it may be appropriate to order or repl...