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Product Finder in a Retail Location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205146D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-16
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Disclosed is method to accelerate product finding in a large retail store. This disclosure describes technology which allows the shopper to quickly pinpoint the exact location of target items.

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Product Finder in a Retail Location

Problem to solve:

Mega stores are convenient because all of the products that consumers could possibly demand from these types of stores could most likely be found in just one stop. On the other hand, having everything in one location can often confuse and frustrate shoppers who are forced to search over larger areas for an ever-widening array of similar products. Because mega-stores are understaffed, it is difficult to get help. This situation could potentially waste customers' time and lead them to frustration and dissatisfaction, and ultimately abandonment of the shopping experience without completing the purchase. This kind of negative shopping experience can lose not only current sales but could also jeopardize future sales as once-loyal customers shop where they can find products quickly, minimizing the amount of time wasted in the store.

Some stores recognize this problem and are attempting to provide speedier and more efficient shopping experiences for their customers. For example, large grocery retailers provide their customers with wireless GFS cart-mounted devices such as Shopping Buddy, which displays a map that illustrates the route that the customers should follow during shopping, guiding them to the general vicinity of their target items. This type of device may help consumers to narrow down the area of search; however, it is still not sufficient. Unfortunately, this technology does not show the shopper the exact item on the store shelf. Without this last key technology, the customer is left with a dizzying array of items through which to sort.

Proposed solution:

A better method is needed to help consumers find their products quicker, minimizing the time spent searching for items which will reduce customer frustration, increase customer satisfaction and store loyalty. While there are several ways to show location such as light, sound, vibration, electronic, it is through a multi-modal notification approach that seeks and find will be most efficient.

Proposed is a visual aid system that helps retail store shoppers to find target items quicker, especially if these items are very small and placed in large shelves.

This invention describes a system which compliments current smart cart technology (eg., Shopping Buddy) and uses visual clues such as light, laser beam, or electronic displays for notifying the shopper of the location of the target item. This solution combines several current technologies in a unique fashion.

Wireless Shopping Aid (eg Shopping Buddy)

Figure 1 Components of the Multi-Sensors Product Finder Device

Proposed is a multi-sensors product finder device ( See Figure 1 components) that adds two components to the existing wireless shopping aids (such as Shopping Buddy) and enhance the shopping aids capability as shown above. The proposed device contains:
1. A wireless shopping aid unit that is integrated with the store's GPS, RFID and product display systems. It conta...