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A method for automatically loading a right conversion object from code set alias name Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205151D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-16
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Code set conversion is important in a computing and storage system. Different systems may be using different code set names for a same code set. The alias names are not compatible in crossing platforms. In order to increase compatibility on code set conversion, a method is introduced to find and load a right conversion module from code set alias names in real time. The method includes 1) set of code set alias tables; 2) an alias-real name retrieval function; and 3) an enhanced convertor initialization API.

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A method for automatically loading a right conversion object from code set alias name


  Code set (character set, charset, codepage) conversion is one of important features in a server operation system. Especially, in an information exchange system (such as computing though crossing platforms and networks), using right code set names and loading correlated code set convertors are essential function because most information exchanges, security check, data transfers and requiring database are using code set conversion service in external/internal levels. In order to provide reliable communications crossing platforms and networks, choosing, determining and loading a right code set name are keys for any kind of code set conversion services.

  In IT industry, hundreds of code sets have been created by different venders, organizations, and nations in past 15 years due to different requirements and standards in world wide. And, the number of code sets has been increased dramatically. In addition, one code set may have more 20 different code set names (alias) in different platforms and applications. For instance, UNIX* OS is supporting more than 130 different code pages. Most of them have different names in other operating systems. This cause a code set alias problem for exchanging information.


  A code set with specific encoding scheme can have two or more different code set names in different platforms or applications. For instance, ISO-8859-13 is an IANA registered code set name Estonian, a Baltic Latin language. However, the code set ISO-8859-13 also is named as IBM-921, CP921, ISO-IR-179, windows-28603, LATIN7, L7, 921, 8859

_13 and 28603 in

ISO-8859-13 28603

  For instance, a UNIX OS is currently supporting about 130 code sets. If the UNIX OS needs to support about 2000 alias defined in Linux*, Solaris and HP-UX*, UNIX OS will have to


different platforms (refer Table-1).

  The inconsistent code set names caused many compliance problems, such as data corruption, application exceptions, or system crashing on levels of application, network, or operating systems. The code set alias problem direct impact code set conversion service in levels of application, system and network communication. It is necessary to develop a method to automatically find and load right conversion object in operating system level.

Table-1. An example of code set aliases

IANA Code Set Name Alias Names ISO-8859-13 IBM-921 ISO-8859-13 CP921 ISO-8859-13 ISO-IR-179 ISO-8859-13 windows-28603 ISO-8859-13 LATIN7 ISO-8859-13 L7 ISO-8859-13 921 ISO-8859-13 8859


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create 32,000 symbolic links (refer Table-2). Clearly, the creating symbolic for alias convertors is not acceptable solution.

Table-2. Number of Code Sets, Alias and Potential Symbolic Links in a OS

Number of Code Set in


Number of Alias

Number of Symbolic links


130 2000 32000 (32bit and 64bit)


  Code set conversion is one of important features in a server operation system....