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Smart IT Rack Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205344D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-28
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Nowadays the most important issues in Data Centers is the lack of physical space. In fact, build a new Data Center can take two years since the first idea. The physical surface (sqm) is an important trigger. The goal is to optimize the Data Center and improve the density. This publication discloses a smarter IT rack helping to solve density issues inside the Data Center. This smart IT rack integrates a door that can be fully stored on the side of servers.

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Smart IT Rack

The present publication discloses an original and innovative
solution that allows to store the door on the side of servers.
The existing problem with classical racks is that when the
door is open, operators cannot walk inside the corridor and
the door will modify airflows.

Inside Data Centers, with classical racks the door will modify airflows and block operators:

R a ck 's d o o r o n fro n t s id e

R e a r s id e

Rear side

Front side with servers

Rack's door


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Our invention will help to handle doors to have access to the servers (add or remove, modify the configuration...). This invention allows operators to open the door without disturbing the area (operators and airflows).

This smart IT rack includes a physical space to store the door of the rack:

Space dedicated to host the door

Front side with servers

With the door fully opened:


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This space includes two tracks and the door can pivot and follow the tracks.

With the door half-stored:


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Front side with servers

With the door fully stored:


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In order not to create a thermal bridge between the front (cold corridor) and rear (hot corridor) side, this space can be covered on front side using different solutions such as: a full door/cover or brushes.