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QMGTOOLS Analysis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205506D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-29
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Disclosed is a data collection utility and analysis tool which decreases problem isolation times, reduces the risk of human error, and accelerates analysis.

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Within an organization that supports data collection, data is often collected and analyzed manually. The data collection and communication with the customer is a slow process, often consuming hours, if not days, and can also be prone to human error. It is also difficult to isolate issues that need fast resolution. A tool is needed which will decrease problem isolation times, reduce the risk of human error, and accelerate analysis.

QMGTOOLS is a data collection utility used to dramatically decrease the data collection and problem resolution time for clustering related issues (i.e. general clustering, geographic mirroring, metro mirror, global mirror, flashcopy, copy services toolkit, advance copy services toolkit, etc.) The tool collects all the necessary documentation (e.g.,


    oblogs, vlogs, PALS, etc.) required and then analyzes the data looking for the issue within the cluster. The tool captures the data, recovers the cluster, and executes the problem analysis within an hour. Along with current documentation collections, the tool is also set up to dynamically collect Collection Services performance data, Job Watcher data and Performance Explorer data. This concept is configured in a monitor or lurk mode watching/waiting for specific messages to occur and then take action.

Once the data has been collected on all nodes within the cluster, the Alternative Debug Tool is issued to analyze the collected data to determine where the problem may exist...