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Access to Page-to-Sheet Mapping Information in a Workflow System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205622D
Publication Date: 2011-Mar-31
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Access to Page-to-Sheet Mapping Information in a Workflow System

Disclosed is a method for interpreting page-to-sheet mapping information for AFP* print jobs within a Workflow System.  The InfoPrint ProcessDirector* Workflow System allows extensions to the product for adding new processing.  These extensions are limited in the information that is available in a supplied java .jar file.   Previously, an extension writer did not have access to the interpretation of the page-to-sheet mapping information that was proprietary to the Workflow System.   This disclosure describes how extension writers are now allowed access to that interpretation.

A java class that describes a line of page-to-sheet mapping information is moved to a project within a Workflow System that is accessible to the Workflow’s extension writers. 

The file containing the mapping information was always available, but the interpretation of each line was not.  Now the extension writers can use the java class to interpret the information and use the information as needed.

The reference for the file containing the page-to-sheet mapping information for a job in the Workflow System is accessible through a Workflow supplied method and symbol notation.  This symbol, ${getAbsoluteFileName()}, causes InfoPrint ProcessDirector to call an internal method and return an evaluated value.

An extension writer can use this method to obtain the file reference in a Java class:


The interpretation of each line of this file was not previously accessible to extension writers.   This method provides an accessible java class that can be used by extension writers in order to interpret the information.  The java class contains multiple methods that can be used to request inform...