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Method and System for enabling SAN Volume Controller (SVC) deployment in an existing data center using auto-assist Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205849D
Publication Date: 2011-Apr-06
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This invention describes a mechanism to encapsulate storage LUNs in the data center using Image Mode virtual Disks, while ensuring that the zoning/lun-masking characteristics of the encapsulated backend LUN are replicated on the Image Mode virtual disk by means of a auto-assist process. This eases the storage administrator's task of introducing SVC into an existing data center.

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Method and System for enabling SAN Volume Controller (SVC) deployment in an existing data center using auto-assist

SVC is a Storage Virtualization Solution used in large enterprise data centers. Scenarios for SVC deployment can be categorized into two major types.

1) A new data center that is being designed.
2) Deploy SVC in an existing data center.

In the second scenario, the storage administrator may want to encapsulate already configured and existing storage behind SVC LUNs to start with. In such a scenario it can be a very

painstaking affair for the storage administrator to individually map each existing LUN in the data

center one-for-one to an SVC LUN and subsequently transfer LUN masking, zoning and other configuration data from the existing LUNs into their SVC LUNs images correctly.

This invention proposes a method to auto-assist the efforts of the storage administrator during encapsulation of an existing data center by automatically importing LUN masking, zoning and other SCSI configuration information from existing data center LUNs into corresponding SVC LUNs. This information is then arranged into templates that lets the administrator choose which of those configurations must be enabled. That way the administrator is saved from the time consuming and error prone task of executing the entire encapsulation operation manually for 1000's of LUNs, hosts and 100's of switches and zones.

Existing Solutions:

The only known alternative of encapsulating existing data center storage using SVC (or similar storage virtualization devices) is to do so manually. And that alternative is significantly more

painstaking, error prone and non-user friendly for the system administrator.

This disclosure proposes an auto-assist mechanism to ease the task of deploying SVC in an existing data center by encapsulating all or part of the existing data center LUNs one-for-one with SVC LUNs.


1. By semi-automating this process, it saves significant time for the storage administrator.
2. The process of encapsulating existing data center LUNs becomes far less error prone because it eliminates the tedious manual task of importing large amounts of identical configuration data for each encapsulated LUN into the corresponding SVC LUN. This of course results in lesser chances of disruptions within the data center due to erroneous configurations.

3. This invention makes it possible to swiftly deploy of SVC in an existing data center, thus making it more attractive to buy and deploy SVC in an existing data center.

4. Semi-automating the process ensures that the tedious task of extracting LUN configuration data is automated while it leaves the control of selectively (or fully)


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enabling these configurations in the hands of the storage administrator.
5. Auto-assist will ensure that backend LUNs are not directly visible to hosts once the backend LUNs have been encapsulated by SVC. Such mistakes can be expensive and have the potential of causi...