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Method to Alert User the IM Contact Display is Being Shared Disclosure Number: IPCOM000205995D
Publication Date: 2011-Apr-11
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Disclosed is a method to automatically update the status for a user who is presenting and using a shared screen via an Instant Messaging (IM) application. This prevents other users from attempting to contact the presenter and share information that might be exposed to participants during that meeting.

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Method to Alert User the IM Contact Display is Being Shared

Often, people presenting while using a Web conference are also logged into an Instant Messaging (IM) session. The person presenting may alert others that they are in a meeting by changing the IM status to "In a Meeting".

Problems with this method of alerting users include:

• The user does not know by the IM status if the person is actually presenting

• When in a meeting, the user may still be available to chat for important issues

• If the user is in a meeting and presenting, not only may another user interrupt them, but someone may unintentionally IM text or graphics that the presenter may not want displayed on a Web conference for others to see

This invention provides a method to alert users that the IM user they wish to contact is presenting by detecting the screen is being shared and changing the IM status. The IM status does not actually have to change its words (e.g., In a Meeting), but could change the font or color, or add an icon in front of the IM user's name to indicate when they are in presentation mode (i.e., screen sharing).

The invention works as follows:
1. Both the source and target IM clients share a common secure session plug-in.
2. The IM client on the source side establishes a trusted session to IM clients with the secure session plug-in.
3. The IM client detects when the target IM client is sharing the display.
4. The IM secure status icon is displayed between the IM source and...