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Aid User Selection of Media Disclosure Number: IPCOM000206128D
Publication Date: 2011-Apr-13
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When displaying the list of media a user can select for their job, we place the media that is ready in the printer(s) the user has selected at the top of the list, followed (in another color) by the media supported in the printer(s) the user has selected, and finally (in red) we list any other media defined.  Within each of these categories, we can also sort by most frequently (or recently) used.   When the user goes to pick a media, the media they are most likely to want will be at the top of the list and thus easy to pick.  If they do not see the media they want near the top of the list, as they scroll down the list, the color change alerts them when they have moved from ready to supported media (and so on).  If someone has unloaded the media they would normally select, it is likely to be at the top of the second "color" the user sees -- making it both easy to pick and easy for the user to realize that the user needs to load that media back in a printer.  Thus all selections are available, while making it easy to choose the right one.

There is a set of media predefined on the system when it ships.  The user can add media to the list either by importing additional media, or defining custom media.  In addition, as the user adds printers to the system, we use SNMP to query those printers to see what media are ready in the printer -- any new media discovered this way are also added to the list of known media.  SNMP can also tell us the model of a printer, and for thos...