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Gimbaled Ribbon Guide

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000206369D
Publication Date: 2011-Apr-20
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Gimbaled Ribbon-Guide / Sensor-Mount / Wire-Cover

    The present invention is directed to a ribbon guide with a floating/center-spring- biased mounting system that allows it to gimbal or "float" in two axes to prevent the ribbon from wrinkling without requiring precision mounting alignment to the ribbon path. As shown in the attached drawings, the ribbon only contacts the ribbon guide radius/bump.

    Additionally, the shape of the ribbon guide and the unique positioning (close to and behind the printhead) covers the printhead wires and connectors. Covering the printhead wires and connectors keeps them out of sight while also protecting them from accidental contact during media loading or printer operation. The ribbon "trailer-present" sensor may be mounted to the inside of this piece and therefore remains in precise position and attitude relative to the inside of the ribbon web for reliable operation, regardless of where the gimbal action positions itself.

    The snap-guides illustrated in Figure 2 at each end of the guide and the ribbon frame are configured to allow the guide to pop out using a paperclip, narrow pen, or other small, common tool. The spring piston/shroud is retained in the housing on the frame. This functionality is also present to maximize access and simplicity for changing a sensor or a printhead in the field or a spares depot - a desirable maintenance feature.

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Detailed Description of Gimbaled Ribbon- Guide/Sensor-Mount/Wire-Cover

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