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Method of pop-up reminders or warnings keyed off of keywords detected in key-entry devices. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000206426D
Publication Date: 2011-Apr-25
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A method in which key words typed into an input device are detected from a previously set database and highlighted with user-set reminders or information.

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Method of pop-up reminders or warnings keyed off of keywords detected in key -entry devices.

It would be helpful for reminders for certain key words or phrases to pop up in a user's view when they input those keywords or phrases into a text input program such as: chat, email, texting. These reminders could help jog a person's memory or even serve as a warning for some issue.

What is proposed is a set of public and private databases that map reminders or warnings to keywords. When these keywords are detected during text input, the warnings/reminders temporarily appear giving the users a visual aid.

In an example of this idea, three types of databases are presented: private, public, and corporate.

Private - this database resides only on the user's personal computer system. It is one the user creates and maintains for their own personal use.

Public - this database is one in which other or shared users can also see the pop-up reminders. Corporate - these are databases where users have no input or editing powers to add or delete reminders.

Private Database:

April 15th - remember to work on your taxes - 10 secs
Project Athena - don't disclose to outside vendors until 6/01/11 - 5 secs

Public Databases:

HEB - remember we are short of milk - 5 secs
Project Delta - There is an all hands meeting on 5/23/11 - 10 secs

Corporate Databases:

Project Halo - There is currently litigation regarding this project. Please contact 1-800-ISUE-IBM and speak to IBM corporate counsel. - HUMAN

The keywords here are: "April 15", "Project Athena", "HEB", "Project Delta", and "Project Halo"

The private and public databases are updated by the user. The corporate database is downloaded onto the user's computer at...